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YES - our NDS multicarts are 3DS compatible. They work on all current version Nintendo 3DS consoles up to firmware version 2.1 (U, E, J). Other cheap multi-game cards work ony on DS Lite and are not compatible with Nintendo 3DS and DSi / DSiXL like our quality carts.

3DS compatible multicart

dsi warning

Warning for Nintendo DSi owners. If you have purchased a DS Multicart for use on DSi please be advised that the latest System Update 1.4.3 has a "glitch" in it that can make DSi incompatible with Multi-Game menu. Our technical staff is working on this and we hope that with the next update this issue will be fixed, but in the meantime - please, Do NOT update Your DSi until we issue an upgrade for our carts if you want to continue using multicarts without interruption.
more about DSi 3DS System Update

Mario + Pokemon & Sonic

new Super Compilation DS / DSi cartridge with all the best NDS, Nintendo NES 8-bit, GAMEBOY™ Classic and Game Boy COLOR PoKeMoN, Mario and Sonic games!
More about "The Time Machine"...


Do you know how it works and want to go direct to our database?

Please click this link: NDS Games Database

Mario & Pokemon boxart

Compilation of DS/ DSi games with the old school GB/GBC and NES classics.
Do not look any further, this you will find nowhere else! DS Time Machine » Details

Dear Customers,

A little message from the NDS team. We have had some internal problems with staff and our long running manager team has been serverly altered. This caused some problems with delays in posting. Also the postal services have disappointed on more than one occassion. The weather and strikes have caused more delays.

It has never been our goal or wish for you to have to wait longer than needed on our brilliant product... for all delays or problems caused by us we want to sincerely apologize to you. We would not be running this company if it was not for you!

We have had a little discount from our supplier and we want to share this with you. The new, SPECIAL prices are now:

  • 2GB cartridge for DS/DSi/DSiXL and 3DS is now $92.97 USD
    (regular price was: $98.97-108.97 USD)
  • 4GB cartridge DS/DSi/DSiXL and 3DS New Price: $112.97 USD
    (regular price was: $118.97-128.97 USD).

We have a Spring Special: order 4 and get EMS Express delivery for free!

Our usual discount rule goes as well; order 3 cartridges and you get 15% discount.

Again, our apologies for any problems caused by our internal changes but we can assure you, we are getting back on track to the service you are used of us!

Kind regards,

John and the NDSMulti team


Dear Customers, due to too many PayPal scams, fake Russian and Nigerian customers and other problems, we stopped having pay links on our site. When you order, please make sure you fill in your correct email address and we contact you with the information you need to finish your order. And we hope you like our very special discounted prices that you will see in our emails compared to the prices on the site: we like to surprise you!

Here are four quick links to go directly to DS games released in your region:

DS Games from USA
DS Games from Europe
DS Games from Japan
DS Games from Other Counrties

Use our search engine to find all currently released Nintendo DS games:


We now have the newest product on the market, and this cartridge plays on all systems; the DS, the DS Lite, The DSi / DSi XL and the new Nintendo 3DS. Yes you read it right - our NDS multicarts are 3DS COMPATIBLE! No more problems with different cartridges for different console, no more malfunctioning when you upgrade to a new DS.


The kids are to bed and it’s time to relax? Why not pick up the Nintendo DS or DSi and start playing yourself?

But… The games from today are too quick, too complicated & too hi tech? 

We will help you! How about playing those all time classics from the old consoles like the NES and the original GameBoy?

The early Mario’s, the Bomberman games, the first Zelda, Mission Impossible, Tetris, Double Dragon, Pac Man, Donkey Kong and many yes many more! 
We have the most special offer ever seen on this site!!

Order a 4GB Customized Cartridge for the DS, the DSi or the DSi XL and you can choose 380 Memory Blocks by yourself.

We Keep 60 blocks free and add over 1300 games. Yes, OVER 1300 GAMES!

Go to the Database and click on the “Classic Madness NES/GB - 60Mblock” and add another load of games till you reach the 440; go to check out and soon you will be playing all the classics you always wanted to battle again.  

If you want to see a new Compilation Cartridge with only the Classic Games of the NES and GB? Give us a mail with your thoughts at [email protected]

-- Welcome to --

Welcome to our site where you will find one of the best deals on the net when it comes to Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSI gaming. We have EVERY game that is ever brought out on the DS.

How does it work? You go to our store and pick the games you want and you can fill up your cartridge up till 220 or 440 blocks, depending if you want the 2 or the 4GB cartridge. Let us know if you want the cartridge to be functional on the DS or the new DSI (the DSI cart also plays on the regular DS and DS Lite). These cartridges we call the CUSTOMIZED CARTRIDGES.

Then we also have COMPILATION CARTRIDGES for you. These are specially made for people who buy a gift for loved one, but do not know the ins and outs of all the games. Our professional staff made a fine selection of games for you. Check out the selection and pick the one you would like to have or to give.

The year of the Tiger, 2010, has the following offers for you:

We will keep the Christmas related whopper for you: Order 3 cartridges or more and you will get the EMS Express delivery for FREE + 10% discount!!

Remember the awesome discount of 15% on orders of 3 and more if you are not in a hurry to guaranteed receive them before any given date!

Please be aware that we have nothing to with the scam site Every year it happens that bad karma people try to steal money from our customers due to the success we have build over the years.

Only at and our database of you will find our products and our services.

I hope the new prices make you a ‘happy customer’ and I hope to see your requests and remarks soon at [email protected].

Kind regards,

John O’Shea

Sales manager NDSMULTI Ltd.


Welcome to NDSMULTICARTS Ltd.! The place to be for a multi-cartridge full of entertainment for yourself, your kids or other loved ones like partners, friends and family.

The perfect birthday gift or just a must have for the NDS game lovers!

We have customers from all over the world, from the USA to Australia, from England to Brazil and from Ireland to Canada… They have been playing for days on end and have expressed their extreme happiness with the option to have multiple games on one cartridge.

Important Note!

Why shop around thousands of cheap quality pre fab cartridges to find the one with a couple of games you like, if you can hand pick the titles you have always wanted? From the oldest NDS games to the newest releases, it’s all here in one place!

We have the different versions off all the games; the USA version, the European version and of course the Japanese one. The European versions usually have more language options to find your language, if this might not be English.

Please have a look at our up to date database and I am sure you will find what you looking for!

Here are four quick links to go directly to DS games released in your region:

DS Games from USA
DS Games from Europe
DS Games from Japan
DS Games from Other Counrties

Use our search engine to find all currently released Nintendo DS games:

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