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YES - our NDS multicarts are 3DS compatible. They work on all current version Nintendo 3DS consoles up to firmware version 2.1 (U, E, J). Other cheap multi-game cards work ony on DS Lite and are not compatible with Nintendo 3DS and DSi / DSiXL like our quality carts.

3DS compatible multicart

dsi warning

Warning for Nintendo DSi owners. If you have purchased a DS Multicart for use on DSi please be advised that the latest System Update 1.4.3 has a "glitch" in it that can make DSi incompatible with Multi-Game menu. Our technical staff is working on this and we hope that with the next update this issue will be fixed, but in the meantime - please, Do NOT update Your DSi until we issue an upgrade for our carts if you want to continue using multicarts without interruption.
more about DSi 3DS System Update

Mario + Pokemon & Sonic

DS Virtual Console
new Super Compilation DS / DSi cartridge with all the best NDS, Nintendo NES 8-bit, GAMEBOY™ Classic and Game Boy COLOR PoKeMoN, Mario and Sonic games!
More about "The Time Machine"...


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are all games on the NDS multi cartridges in English?

A. This is up to you. We have a lot of the games in different languages, English, Japanese, Korean or German. So please let us know you want the games in your native language. There are some exceptions of action games that have not been released in USA and do not have an English version available. But this will be clear on the site.


Q. Is there a warranty on your products?

A. Yes. We have a 6 month warranty on all our products. All problems that occur within that time frame will be solved by us; the only costs are the returning costs of sending the product to us. After 6 months we keep a maintenance service that can help you with any other problems that occur. The only thing is that after 6 months, we ask the customer to pay for the transport costs to us and back to you.


Q. Is there a difference between Euro games and USA games? What version should i choose?

A. As an English speaking customer it is wisest to order USA versions of a game. This because the JAP titles only have the Japanese language, and the EURO versions have more language options and this can make the game bigger in blocks size.

To fill up the cartridge with the most titles, the USA versions will give you the best option.


Q. Do you have this particular game on your site?

A. To find games you would like to purchase, use our search option. Fore example enter: Nintendogs  - click search and you will see a list of available games.

Site search:

Q. Do I have to pay import TAX on these games?

A. No - you don't have to pay any taxes when the package arrives. This is because we post the cartridge as a gift, and give it a low value. The worldwide laws on gifts of low value are that there are no hidden taxes you have to pay as a receiver.

Q. What is DMA, Reset and Cheat..?

A. These are extra features that can be activated for each game. Read a full explanation of Game Menu Options here.


Q. How long does it takes for my order to be processed?

A. We work on processing orders right away, but due to the mass amount of orders we get it can take up to one week for your order to go from Pending to Processing. The cartridge needs to be created and tested. You will be notified of every step we take, from processing to shipping.

Sometimes it can take a little longer that the week stated, but you can be assured that we do our 100% best to get it out to you asap. Reasons why it can take longer can be shipment delays from the factory, the availability of staff, etc.


Q. What can I do if a game does not function or start up on the cartridge?

A. If a game on your NDS multi cartridge does not start / stops after showing the title screen there is a big chance that it can be fixed rather simply by changing some settings.

1. Click on the [+] button while the cursor is on the game that is not starting up.
2. Change ON/OFF on DMA and OFF for the cheat option.



If it does not work, it means there is something else wrong and it is not the interaction between consol and multi cartridge.


Q. Will these games work on my Gameboy Advance / GBA SP ?

A. No. These games have been specially made for the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite. The will not fit in the other Gameboy Consols.


Q. Will these games damage my Nintendo DS?

A. No. The games play the same like the single game cartridges. The cartridge itself is made to perfectly fit the slot on the DS and does no damage. It is wise how ever, if you will not play with the DS for a while to take out the cartridge and safely store it in the protection box, that you will get free with every order.


Q. Will these games ruin my warranty/guarantee on my Nintendo DS?

A. NO. There is no way of anyone knowing a NDS multi cartridge has been used on your DS/DS Lite.


Q. Do the cartridges always contain the games on the front box?

A. Not always. The pre written cartridges and the Customized cartridges will come with a front cover with some artwork of famous Nintendo games. If it is a customized cartridge all the games you ordered will be on the cartridge. A pre written cartridge will contain the games that are on the back of the box.


Q. How can it be possible to fit so many games on each cartridge?

A. The reason it is possible is because the cartridges we sell are of a massive size. These cartridges contain 1GB (megabits) of memory in comparison 128M on normal NDS carts. In the future we will also bring 2GB cartridges.


Q. Do the DS cartridges work on the DSI?

A. No. The DSI is blocking all cartridges that are not specially made for the DSI. Do not worry, we have got special cartridges that play on the DSI, but also on the DS and DS Lite.


Q. Are the games the same quality as on the single cartridges ?

A. Yes the games are of exactly the same quality and all the game functions like Link Play / Game Save act. work the same as if you had only one game on the cartridge.


Q. Do the games save my progress?

A. Yes all the games save as they intent to.


Q. Is there a discount if I buy many games?

A. Yes there is a discount for the purchase of 3 games or more. Please go to the contact page and E-mail us with the games you would like and we will give you a discounted price and send you another link through our payment processing company.


Q. How can I pay and is it secure?

A. You can play using all major Credit Cards and Visa and MasterCard debit cards and all payments are made via a secure encrypted connection.


Q. Can I pay through check or postal orders?

A. Sorry due to the sensitivity of the products we cannot accept payments through mail.


Q. Why are the games so cheap when one NDS game in the shops is $30-$50?

A. We believe in giving value for money and making the games affordable for all kids and gamers.


Q. Are the games on your site full games or just Demos?

A. All games are full games just like the original


Q. What does the termonology means that used on your site?

A. The software we use has three different terms that discribes your order, there is Pending, Processing and Delivered.

Pending means that your order is in the waiting list to be created.

Processing means that we are creating and testing your cartridge.

Delivered means that we have delivered the parcel to the post office or to the Express Post company.


Q. Are there any shipping costs?

A. No, all our products are sent by registered airmail as small packets. These costs are included in the price, or how others would say it, shipping is free. Only if you opt for express delivery will the costs of shipping be added to the price of the cartridge.


Q. Will you post to my country?

A. We will post to any country Worldwide from America to Brazil and from Australia to Brunei.


Q. Do the games ever fail to play?

A. Due to different Nintendo DS's around the world, the different software and firmware, and the different games that have been modified to be played on multi cartridges sometimes games fail to play correctly. This is a rare situation. If it happens you can return the cartridge to us and we put another version of the game on there, or we work out a discount on a future buy. We will always work on it to make you a happy customer.

If you have any other questions, please send them to [email protected]





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